If you’re a dementia caregiver, my Comfort Companion® is perfect for your loved one.

Do you have a family member or friend facing Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia?  We know how tough that can be – you want to provide the best care possible, but you can’t always be there. Comfort Companion is here to help.

Comfort Companion®
…bringing Comfort to loved ones with dementia.

Thoughtfully designed to awaken the senses & aid memory.

  Calming lavendar scent relaxes and soothes

  Front pocket holds family photos & keepsakes

  Heart-shaped name label stimulates memory

  Details of flowers, bows & buttons occupy busy hands

  Made of 100% fabric for safety


Here are some of our happy customers talking about the benefits they saw with Comfort Companion®:

My Granny, who has alzheimers, loves this! Many other ladies at the assisted living place love it also. Such a great item! Thank you so much! She loves the bright colors, pocket and that it has her name on it 🙂


Rosy finds a friend.

Bo gets a hug

Bo gets a hug

My mom is 94 and barely speaks. I bought her this doll for Christmas and as soon as she saw it, she immediately connected to it. It was amazing! Best gift I’ve bought her since dementia began. I highly recommend!!!


My mother, who has Alzheimer’s, loves this doll, carries it everywhere with her and talks and sings to it. I had to sew the doll’s arm back on because she carries it around by the arm and it was starting to come apart from so much loving. I have given my mom many other stuffed animals and baby dolls but this is her favorite by far. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.


Betsy with her Rosy Comfort Companion therapy doll

Betty & Rosy

Puppy hugs!

My 84 year old Mom has dementia and is currently living in Assisted Living Care. She has never lived by herself before and this doll brings her so much comfort. She has always been a huge fan of dolls but this one she likes to sit with and put in her lap. My sister told me she even puts it next to her when she sleeps.


Comfort Companion® makes a great gift!

Getting a gift for a loved one with dementia can be challenging. Whether it’s father’s day, mother’s day, Christmas, birthday, or just because – Comfort Companion® is perfect for any occasion. For less than the cost of a large bouquet of flowers, Comfort Companion can bring joy and comfort to your loved one for a long time to come.

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