Comfort Companions bring Joy to residents at Woodbridge, a DePaul Senior Living facility in Monroe, NC.

How to Incorporate the Holiday Season into the life of a loved one with Alzheimer’s

Christmas Traditions and Alzheimer’s

Here is a fantastic article on how to increase communication with someone who is suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Here at HELPGUIDE.ORG we take a look at how to keep our memory sharp as we age. We all realize that memory loss can be a normal part of the aging process so lets take a look at what to expect and ways to make it better.

The proven benefits of cognitive stimulation in people with Dementia are well known. Discussion of past and present events, puzzles, music, and outdoor activities such as gardening, are an excellent way to interact with those suffering from memory loss.  In my experience, seniors love looking at family photographs and reminiscing about the good times that took place in their lives and bring back fond memories. Learn more about stimulating activities for adults.