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This is a wonderful doll for people with Alzheimer’s or Dementia… They are a great companion for them to keep them from being lonely when you cannot come to visit. The pocket holds pictures and other memory items that you choose to put in it… I recommend these for all other Nursing Home patients as well to help them not be so lonely. They can talk to her and cuddle her they can smell her fresh fragrance of Lavender to help them relax.


…I Was So Extemely HAPPy to See Such a Sweet Doll! She Is So Cute, Bright, cheerfull and Smells So Good! She Brings Life to The Person i gifted her too. Very Pleased W This Doll, She Really Is So Sweet and Is Helping Someone Special.

ChristinaVia Amazon

My Granny, who has alzheimers, loves this! Many other ladies at the assisted living place love it also. Such a great item! Thank you so much! She loves the bright colors, pocket and that it has her name on it 🙂

Annavia Amazon

My mom is 94 and barely speaks. I bought her this doll for Christmas and as soon as she saw it, she immediately connected to it. It was amazing! Best gift I’ve bought her since dimensia began. I highly recommend!!!

Susanvia Amazon

This is an amazing doll. I am pleasantly shocked at how large and how detailed it is. She stands about 18 inches and has a nice weight to her. I work with emotionally disturbed children, some of them on the Autism spectrum. This is a doll that a disturbed child can bond with, easily manipulate and it’s soft for them to hold. It should be very comforting. I recommend this for anyone working with my population or the elderly struggling with dementia. Not for children under age 3.

LeahVia Amazon

Comfort Companions® provide our residents with a sense of comfort just like the name says. It gives them a companion, something to hold, and pet.

AnnaAssisted Living Activities Director

…My friend talks to her doll and tells her how she is feeling….I took this doll to my friend last night and her joyful response brought tears to my eyes. She held on to her and kept hugging her. She asked if she could keep her.

Carrie AnnVia Amazon

I gave the doll to Blanche on Christmas Day. I think the light and joy in her face says it all. There is a large window with a nice window sill beside her chair and the doll sits there, close enough to reach or just sit happily beside her.


Just recently ordered a Comfort Companion® for my mother-in-law who has dementia. Another woman who is at the same assisted living facility saw it and just fell in love with it. So, I told her that I would get her one also. The dolls are just wonderful!


Our residents love the Comfort Companions®! They hold them all day and in their beds at night.


What a great idea. I bought one for my Grandmother at her assisted living facility. She loves it!


My 84 year old Mom has dementia and is currently living in Assisted Living Care. She has never lived by herself before and this doll brings her so much comfort. She has always been a huge fan of dolls but this one she likes to sit with and put in her lap. My sister told me she even puts it next to her when she sleeps.

Dottivia Amazon

My mother, who has Alzheimer’s, loves this doll, carries it everywhere with her and talks and sings to it. I had to sew the doll’s arm back on because she carries it around the arm and it was starting to come apart from so much loving. I have given my mom many other stuffed animals and baby dolls but this is her favorite by far. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

Carolvia Amazon

Mom has a Comfort Companion® and it helps her feel calm during the day. She takes it with her everywhere.


This is a wonderful idea. I am ordering it as a Christmas gift for my mother who has just recently been diagnosed with this awful disease.

Online Customer

I waited to write this to see over time how my mom liked it. This doll is very well loved by her, as time progresses she enjoys talking to her and cuddling especially at nap time. It is extremely well made, and the scent of lavender is good… It seems to calm mom and gives her a doll to talk to that isn’t a scary baby doll.

Verified Customervia Amazon

My mom sits and talks to her doll for hours. Fusses with her ‘dress’ and adjusts everything just so. Has helped to calm her when she is feeling scared and confused.

Verified Customervia Amazon

If you know someone with a form of dementia/Alzheimer’s, this doll really lights up their day.

MPvia Amazon

On our Alzheimer’s unit they bring them out of their rooms and carry them on their laps. It has reduced agitation and gives them something to do.

KathyAssisted Living Business Office Manager

It is a personal item for them, they have been comforting and soothing, our residents will sit and hold them on their laps and pet them.

TammyAssitsted Living Admissions Director

I love the doll I ordered for momma and she seems to like it too!


I bought this for my mother who is in the later stages of Alzheimers. It reminds us of our favorite dog that was a Beagle. She likes him and he keeps her company.

Amazon Customer