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Plush, comforting and fun, Comfort Companions are thoughtfully designed for children, seniors and pets.

The original Comfort Companion was designed by company owner, Janet Tompkins, who saw how much seniors in nursing homes and assisted living facilities loved their stuffed animals. She also realized that traditional plush toys for children were not filling their needs. That led to the creation of the first Comfort Companion, a plush doll large enough to be hugged by an adult and weighted to feel substantial when resting on or near a person.

Infused with soothing scents and sporting a keepsake pocket for pictures or special items and a place to personalize the companion, this first creation soon became an entire line of companions designed to bring joy and comfort to seniors, children, and pets.

Comfort and Fun
for Children and Infants

Providing comfort and a feeling of security for children and infants is a cornerstone of Comfort Companions.

Our colorful plush companions are fun and functional. They are great gifts to give through many phases of childhood.

“My daughter is away from home some weekends. I bought her a Comfort Companion My Travel Bag to take with her. She can pack a couple of toys or tablet, and off she goes. It is soft enough that she can use it as a pillow on a long trip. The plush “friend” inside is an instant hit! Having her own bag makes traveling and being away from home more fun.”


We Love This!

Incredibly Soft and Warm for Hands, Neck, Back, and Feet.

Stay warm with our Cozy Combo.

Our hand warmer/back & neck pillow provides support and keeps you warm!

Our super soft knee socks with non-skid bottoms keep feet and legs warm.

Take along anywhere – perfect for outdoor events, long days or long drives.

Comfort your pet
when you can’t be there!

We know our pets can be stressed. Comfort your pet with your scent when leaving home, boarding, or during thunderstorms.

Our fun, colorful pouches are designed to hold a worn t-shirt, scarf, or socks. A perfect way to comfort your pet that looks cute too!

I fell in love with the idea of Comfort Companions the moment I saw this sweet owl. I have been leaving it in my cat’s usual spots around the house so she would get used to it being hers. When we went out of town for Labor Day weekend, I put one of my husband’s t-shirts in it. When we came home it was clear that Charley had been snuggling with it often.

Teresa Plaag
Mast General Store

Super Cute!

  • Perrrrfect bed for your cat
  • Protects your furniture
  • Lightly padded for use on hard or soft surfaces
  • Easy to fold or roll for storing
  • Great for crates – 23″x 15″ x 2″
  • Machine Washable

My work as a speech therapist lead to me to create products especially to ease & combat loneliness.  I am passionate about our mission to design quality products that are “more than a toy”.

Janet Tompkins
Founder of Comfort Companion