Comfort for Seniors, Children & Pets Alike!

Our line of therapy replacement pets especially designed for seniors.

Our line of therapy dolls especially designed for seniors.

Calming Doll for Alzheimer's and Dementia

Stay warm with our cozy fleece combo
especially designed for seniors. It’s a hand warmer, pillow, & blanket!

Private Label by Comfort Companion®
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A pillow, a pet, a pal …
Comfort Companion Kids are
huggable, soft characters that comfort…

Does your pet have
separation anxiety?
Leave a little of you with them …

My work as a speech therapist lead to me to create products especially to ease & combat loneliness.  I am passionate about our mission to design quality products that are
“more than a toy”.

Janet Tompkins
Founder of Comfort Companion

Who’s talking about Comfort Companions!

I fell in love with the idea of Comfort Companions the moment I saw this sweet owl. I have been leaving it in my cat’s usual spots around the house so she would get used to it being hers. When we went out of town for Labor Day weekend, I put one of my husband’s t-shirts in it. When we came home it was clear that Charley had been snuggling with it often.

It makes me feel so much more relaxed knowing that she has this reminder of our love when we can’t be with her. This photo of her with the owl is during the worst of the storms we had from Hurricane Florence – it clearly brought her comfort during the scary weather. I bought these to sell in our stores because I believe in giving this same comfort to everyone else’s pets.  

Teresa PlaagMast General Store

Molly loves her doll! She sits with her during the day and it helps to calm agitation.

For people with dementia, a Comfort Companion for Seniors gives them something they can interact with. It occupies their time – it becomes a companion.

TammyDirector of Nursing

My daughter is away from home some weekends. I bought her a Comfort Companion Pillow to take with her. She puts photos in the pocket on the back to take with her and it helps her not to be homesick.