If you’re caring for someone with dementia, we know firsthand how hard it can be. The symptoms are a challenge – memory loss, mood swings, agitation… You want to provide the best care possible and you try to help them relax and stay calm, but you can’t always be there… We know these challenges. That’s why we created Comfort Companion®.

Comfort Companion®
…always there when you can’t be.


Each companion is thoughtfully designed to awaken the senses & aid memory. 


  Calming lavendar scent relaxes and soothes

  Front pocket holds family photos & keepsakes

  Heart-shaped name label stimulates memory

  Details of flowers, bows & buttons occupy busy hands

  Made of 100% fabric for safety


A Comfort Companion® is not a simple toy – it’s a companion.

The unique, thoughtful design of Comfort Companions® has been shown, time and time again, to improve some of the most troublesome symptoms of dementia. (Just read our testimonials!) That’s because Comfort Companions® take advantage of the science behind Doll Therapy – a well-studied alternative therapy for improving the lives of dementia patients.  You can read more here and here.

What Others are saying

Our residents love the Comfort Companion®! They hold them all day and in their beds at night.

Nurse Tina

Mom has a Comfort Companion® and it helps her feel calm during the day. She takes it with her everywhere.

Daughter Cindy

What a great idea. I bought one for my Grandmother at her assisted living facility. She loves it!

Granddaughter Sarah